Steve P Brady

Job seeking is tough. It feels like your applications are going into a black hole. You know if you could land an interview you’d nail it, but first you need to get into the room.I hear you. I'm a job search coach. I can help.The problem isn't you, it's the lack of a targeted brand. You need to sell yourself. You need to level up.6 days to 6 figure potential. We can get you there quickly by using The 5 Proven Strategies to land high level interviews.You know you can be successful. Let me help you get in that interview room so you can prove it.

The 5 Strategies

These are not hacks and they are not easy. They just work. So if you are serious about leveling up your job search, let’s get to it. In this free, 5-day email mini course, I'll teach you the strategies, and provide the resources you need to start putting them into action.Coming soon ...

About Me
I’m an English teacher by day, and a Career Coach by night. Born and raised in New England, I have deep roots going back over 300 years and I’m pretty sure I can’t leave. In other words, I’m a real person, not a big company. I’ll personally work with you until you are happy.

I have 15 years of experience as a Resume Writer and Coach. Advanced degrees in English and Classics.
10+ year member of Resume Writer’s University.Ranked nationally as a Top 10 Resume Writer by Growth Hack Your Career.

You know it's time. Take the first step.
Let me know your profession, years of experience and goals. I'll get right back to you.

Ready to level up?

Complete Job Search Packages includes:
1. Personal Branding Work
2. ATS friendly resume
3. LinkedIn profile development
4. Job search letter templates
5. Interview, networking and hidden job market guides
6. 21 days of email coaching
Total cost = $897.00