A lot of coaches will tell you they can update your resume, make it ATS compliant, add in the right keywords. However, a resume is just a tool, and you can have the all the best tools in the world, but if you can't use them, you can't build a house. 

✅ Your resume is a tool.
✅ Your LinkedIn profile is a tool.
✅ Your well cultivated network is a tool.

The 5 Strategies can teach you how to use them.

A modern job search requires more than simply hitting Easy Apply and waiting for the phone to ring. It requires an overall strategy and daily repeatable tactics. This is where The 5 Strategies come in.

1. Personal Branding: There are thousands of qualified project managers, IT specialists and sales managers out there. What makes you stand out from the crowd?

2. Resume Targeting: Does your resume speak to the needs of the individual company looking for help? Does it sell you as the solution to their problems?

3. LinkedIn Development: Is your profile a unique landing page selling your brand, your skills, your experiences?

4. 21st Century Networking: Do you know how to actively connect with the right people, the right way? (No, cold emails and trading business cards is not the answer.)

5. The Unlisted Job Market: Do you know many jobs never make it to the public job boards? Do you know how to position yourself to take advantage of this?

The 5 Strategies are built to put you in the best position possible to land interviews for high level positions. They are an overall strategy and regular tactics you can start using right away. 

Are you ready?